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Ryan Hanley is the founder of Hanley Media Lab, an advanced content marketing agency helping companies grow their audience, to grow their business. Ryan is the producer of the Content Warfare Podcast, one of iTunes most downloaded content marketing podcasts for over two years. Ryan is also the author of Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention.

He recently  in a list of 70 Rising Social Media Stars by Mark Schaefer: The Top 70 rising social media stars. We congratulate him for that achievement!!!

In this interview we discuss with Ryan:

  • Moved his show from a podcast (listen only) to a live Google+ Hangout Podcast
  • 2 camps of viewers...watchers of the videos and listeners of podcasts
  • Live vs Prerecorded Hangouts
  • Capturing attention for a brief period of time - Attention married with trust
  • Why do you do business? Telling stories
  • Cost - We will overpay if we feel we are connected
  • Make a connection, then offer a deal to get them in the door
  • Facebook - For local business, it is highly suggested to be on it
  • Idea: Post a picture of staff members and small tidbits about that person's life
  • Interruptions vs Inbound marketing - build social proof
  • People are talking about your business if your business is on social media or not, but with social media you have the opportunity to step in and correct the problem
  • Filter to core audience
  • "Digitizing the sole of your business" - Build trust first, then tell your story
  • Ryan has a new book:
  • Download FREE Chapter of Book

Action Step to take in the next 24 Hours

Think back to Day 1. What was your why of starting your business. Ask your customers why they think you should be in business. Connect the Why's to be the same thing. :)

Learn all about Ryan and connect with him at:  RyanHanley.com


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