28 - How Your Facebook Page Content can go Viral using Post Planner with Joshua Parkinson

How Your Facebook Page Content can go Viral using Post Planner with Joshua Parkinson


Joshua Parkinson is the Founder of  Post Planner.

His specialties: troublemaking, product development, jedi mind tricks, UI/UX, simplicity mongering, fate hacking, catching extremely quick desert lizards, Facebook marketing, copywriting, crushing the boxes people think outside of, uncomfortable situations, googling things, philosophizing, and degrading energy

His superhuman feats:
• Took app from zero to 50k users and $30k/mo revenue in 1 year
• Designed UI/UX
• Grew blog from 9k to 180k uniques/month in 1 year

 What we cover with Joshua in this interview:

  • He started Post Planner in March of 2011
  • Post Planner is an app that makes it super easy to post social media content to Facebook
  • This app started as a scheduler, but content is the pain point, so now this program helps find viral photos, viral content and more
  • Content marketing works. Their case study (with the help of Scott Ayres) proves that blogging works being that they have hit the the top 10 list of best blogs in 2014 by Social Media Examiner
  • Post Planner has a Free Version and Paid Versions
  • His suggestion: Post 3x per day. Morning, mid-day, evening. Mix it up with article, pictures and text posts. Schedule ahead.
  • App shows the successful posts
  • Run targeted Facebook ads along with your posts to add more
  • Post Planner takes the worry out of coming up with content
  • Are they expanding off of Facebook? A web app is coming starting with Twitter.


What can you do in the next 24 hours to take action?

Go into app on PostPlanner.com. Create your favorite pages that you want to follow. Organize those pages into a single folder.


Connect with Post Planner at:

Head here: PostPlanner.com. Under: Use it Free, Click on Sign in with Facebook.

Also, check out their AWESOME BLOG!  PostPlanner.com/Blog



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