31 - How to get leads and grow your business with Webinars with Josh Turner

How to get leads and grow your business with Webinars with Josh Turner

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Who is Josh Turner?

Josh Turner is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced lead generation campaigns, as well as Webinarli.com, which specializes in webinar lead generation. His company represents clients in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and Australia, in a wide variety of industries.

Josh's company also operates LinkedUniversity.com, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing, as well as Webinar University, where you can learn how to grow your business using webinars. He has been featured in the Huffington Post, Miami Herald, and many more national publications.

What we covered with Josh:

  • Webinars grew his own business at first
  • They had been generating thousands of leads a month by doing webinars before he launched Webinarli
  • What types of businesses best for using webinars? (Not Kimmy's type of business, unless she wants to position herself as a coach to other salon owners). Targeting other people within the business world (not the best fit for a retail establishment)
  • Best way to target: combination of Facebook and Linkedin advertising, with a little bit of organic using Linkedin and email. Highly targeted on Google too.
  • Get people to a free webinar landing page for them to sign up. Maybe some bonuses.
  • After webinar, try to follow up with a phone call. This has worked really well.
  • People like to talk to a real person
  • Josh prefers GoToMeeting Webinar system
  • Test webinar products out before going live with your audience so you are comfortable and know they work
  • Google Hangouts have some webinar systems that interconnect with the hangout
  • Webinar University - one funnel webinar breakdown case study - John Lee Dumas is doing a great job of this
  • If you want to be on video during presentations, look at the Hangout option. Sharing slides the better option is GoToMeeting.
  • When calling, how do you collect phone #'s? You don't want to ask for too much information at first. 2nd step is to add the phone # test reminder option. If you don't have their phone #, have a virtual assistant find their phone # using their name and email
  • Integrating all the different pieces
  • B2B world - Linkedin is where it is at
  • Build a relationship with prospect before you go for the sale
  • Putting webinars on auto-pilot after the fact is a huge benefit
  • Prioritize according to what is working


24 Hours Take-Action Steps

Never done a webinar or doing webinars and want to up your game?  Find people in your space doing it well and watch what they are doing. You don't have to copy exact, but piggyback and be yourself.


How can you connect with Josh?



Josh's Linkedin Profile - Connect with him there

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