32 - Quality versus Quantity Content with Keri Jaenig

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Who is Keri Jaenig?

• Top Social Media Campaign for State of Ohio Tourism, 2013 (Managed)
• Commendation of Social Media Attainment by State of Ohio Senate, 2013
• Honorable Mention, Small Business Influencer Awards, 2013
• Achieved a #1 ranked answer on Quora: How Can You Tell A Good Social Media Strategist From A Bad One Before It’s Too Late.

Her clients typically experience increased traffic to their website, significant fan and follower engagement, new lead generation, collaborative strategic alliances, and even awards given by respected sources of their industries. Those Keri has mentored have seen lucrative growth. From another social media professional:

“You pushed me to bring my A Game to the table in running my company in ways you will never fully grasp. You keep me motivated to do my best work every day.” Keri writes regularly at her own blog, ideagirlmedia.com, SteamFeed, Search Engine People, and she has been featured at Forbes, AOL Small Business, Social Media Today, Business Insider, as well as other leading social media and marketing online publications.


What we discussed in this interview:

  • Ways to build an email list. We cover ideas such as Facebook, webinar, training event, real-life event, website/blog
  • The website/blog is the place to start
  • Need a balance of quality and quantity
  • Aim for quality AND quanity
  • Visual content grabs attention
  • We have 3 seconds to get attention
  • Dabbling in using .gif's grabs attention
  • What is your purpose for being there?
  • Provide Value
  • Need value and creativity
  • Where is your audience
  • Feature customers, tell stories and post to social sites like Instagram
  • Using Special Characters
  • Variety of type of posts - text only, shared post, blog post, image post
  • Look at analytics so you know what is performing well
  • Set up an editorial calendar - tie content with theme
  • Facebook prefers things in alphabetical order
  • Watch what competition is doing and don't do that
  • Be the authentic you
  • New Baby, Congratulations, etc...is supposedly at the top of news feed - she did a test
  • As a general rule, follow a plan


 Action Step to take in the next 24 hours:

Try out the social media tool called Canva. They pre-size the images for social media.

Do hashtag research in your niche. You can use hashtagify to do this.


How can you get in touch with Keri?

Twitter: @keriyaenig and @ideagirlmedia

She also has a new program with a collaboration of businesses called Likeable League Inner Circle.



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