2 -  The Ins and Outs of Running an Online Show and Podcast

The Ins and Outs of Running an Online Show and Podcast

What we discuss:

  • Consistency in frequency is important for content though it's not the end all of it.
  • Frequency for podcasting should be more compared to video content.
  • Videos are easily found if you optimize it.
  • Little more fun to do podcast with somebody that you can spin ideas off.
  • Video exposure is bigger.
  • Reach of videos on Facebook goes so much further.
  • Editing a clip off a long show, 30 seconds to a minute, and post in Facebook to promote the show.
  • Use the videos and podcasts in multiple ways where you are re-using the content over and over.
  • Video is powerful for SEO.
  • You can get more interaction and followers with a live show.
  • Google Hangout has cool tools to ramp up a show.
  • It is good to set up YouTube channel for the videos.
  • Libsyn tends to be the favorite for hosting podcasts.
  • Sponsorship can monetize a podcast though you need to have a big viewership.
  • Affiliate is another way to make money.
  • Face to face interview feel like it brings a whole new level in trust and respect.
  • Staying ahead is important.
  • To start a show, just go ahead and do it.
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