Background of Stephen Sadler: Stephen Sadler, Steve, is an inventor with 8 different patents. He is a former engineer turned entrepreneur. He started 4 different businesses and he is a software developer. He is also a former body builder. He has written two books and the second book's the first of a trilogy.

What we discussed:

  • Steve is both creative and creator. He is good with graphics and development.
  • The first book that Steve wrote is Exposure To Closure. It is sort of an autobiography and also kind of walk people through the path that actually how you successfully create a business in probably one of the most trying of times that we've ever experienced in our lives.
  • Right-handed engineers tend to be analytical while left-handed are the creatives.
  • Creatives tend to have lots of fun and think differently.
  • Steve quit his job as Director of Engineering in 2001 and started Scate Technologies which built the first eLearning tools.
  • They called eLearning as ignitables before which is like a stitch together of videos and PowerPoints and sound and all kinds of things and then played back in a linear format that someone could learn from found in
  • Scate Ignite is the authoring tool software used by large corporations for their eLearning creation.
  • Steve's next creation is the Buzcast, originally created to be able to market their eLearning products. Now, it's where video comes to life, try and take content and channelize it.
  • OTT is the over-the-top TV like Apple TV and that's where Buzcast aligns.
  • Buzcast can distribute video content that's attached on any hosting site.
  • ScreenTwit, one of the first social media, was built which took a basic picture and a basic image and sent it off to Twitterland.
  • Vyclone is similar to Periscope where one can be turned into a broadcaster. Vyclone allow two, three or four cameras simultaneously to take video of the same thing and stitch it together.
  • It is very difficult to blend creative and analytics specially as a business because you can be super creative but it doesn't mean you're going to make any money. And at the end of the day that's what you're trying to do -- make money.
  • Creativity doesn't necessarily make you the money.
  • Constantly creating and being original and having ideas whether they're provocative or bold or loud or funny or informative or whatever is what it takes.
  • Mindset, Steve's second book is about a device that you could place on your head because that  looks at your brain waves and actually converts them into text.
  • Small business that's looking to create training for themselves, Scate Ignite is probably one of the most simple applications there is for creating, simple eLearning presentations and be distributed through the web.
  • There's a time and place for automation.
  • In social search engines, whoever said it last is the expert.
  • In Google whoever is the best in search engine optimization goes first.

Where to find Steve Sadler:

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