• Testing out the show using Blab.im
  • Blab is more fun, more conversational.
  • Periscope has gotten pretty crowded.
  • Blab perhaps need to categorize the streams as currently it's just tech and general. Categorizing makes it easy for people to find what they need, eventually.
  • Biggest area for online business is building the email list by first giving something for free then on the backend focussing on Facebook to market.
  •  You may email direct to the people in the list however when you have a new product, service or other specials, is to break it down to 4 areas thru Facebook ad;
    1. Load email list to Facebook ads and target the list.
    2. Target Facebook fans only.
    3. People who have visited your site by using a tracking pixel and creating custom audience for them. The list of people is building up in the custom audience on Facebook.
    4. Create a lookalike audience that mirror the audience you already have.
  • Targeting them directly through the ads because you don't have to re-sell yourself because your fans have an idea of who you are already, same thing with those who have subscribed to your email list.
  • You may market all sort of things, i.e. shirts, programs, but not so much on social media services we offer. Programs will be something they buy so they may log in and watch videos and learn from the materials.
  • Terry credits his most of his success, the most opportunity and ability to have little level of influence is his ability to be connected, same as the title of his book.
  • TEDx Detroit talk on 6 degrees of connectedness by Terry;
    1. Yourself - understanding who you are and core of your being to know your purpose.
    2. Others - to have relationships.
    3. Technology
    4. Planet
    5. Universe
    6. Bliss
  • The old-fashioned networking is also doing good for Janet's sales recently by going to events.
  • Take the old-fashion networking to the next level by offering consultation then offer an incentive to purchase.
  • People that are having second thoughts takes a while to get to places.
  • As per Terry, to succeed in business you got to have the right combination of brains, balls and bs, specially when getting in front of the camera.
  • When online, 1% creates the content, 9% comments and adding to the discussion while 90% just sit and reading it though they are engaged, learning and getting something out of it.

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