What we discussed:

  • We've discussed how to work an event and what you need to do after the event.
  • When attending an event, collect business cards.
  • Terry's tips on notes to put/write on the cards:
    • Who you meet.
    • What you talked about.
    • Where you where.
    • What's the next step for follow up.
  • Tools you can run on your cellphone like CardMunch or CamScan so you can take a picture and write notes directly to your phone.
  • The goal of collecting cards is get those you want to follow up with and not get everybody's.
  • Key to business cards: don't focus on passing out your card, instead you want to make sure you get theirs.
  • On business cards: collect more than you give out.
  • When in networking events, don't dump on people what you do but instead find common ground which would be the building block for a relationship.
  • Limit conversations to few minutes.
  • Don't automatically add people to your email list for a permission-based marketing.
  • Tell people you have an email list, the topic of what you're doing and ask if they'd be interested in it.
  • BNI - Business Networking International, goal of the group is pass business within in the group.
  • Figure out your goal before going to a networking event.
  • Networking events can be compared to planting and harvesting seeds.
  • Tip# 1: go with a need that somebody can solve.
  • Simple rules for follow up via any medium (phone, email, social media, etc.) is to tell people
    • Where we met.
    • What we discussed.
    • Next opportunities that could be there.
    • Suggest for a way to communicate further.
  • Never underestimate the value of a phone call for your next meeting.
  • Do follow ups within the next 72 hours or within 2 weeks.
  • People's favorite subject is themselves.
  • You may talk about what you do by telling them why you do it because that's where the passion is.
  • Tip# 2: Tell people who you do what you're doing for.
  • Tools to use to collate business card details:
    1. Scannable by Evernote
    2. Trello
  • It's okay to follow up late if you had a conversation that may stick to their mind.

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