Background of Janet Johnson: 

Janet can be found as Janet E Johnson, helping business with their social media by managing and doing consults. Put together a program called 15 Minute Social that people learn how to be more social comprises of social strategies.

Background of Terry Bean: 

Author of a networking book, Be Connected. It's about things you need to know to be more effective in networking. It is broken down in five (5) sections: what you need to do before networking, what you need to do at a networking event, what you need to do to network effectively online, what you need to do after the networking takes place and about the universe's relationship to networking.

What we discussed:

  • is about social strategies relating to time management on social media, setting up strategies and plans, having a content calendar set up, etc. in a video format.
  • Strategy is the mother of productivity and helps time management.
  • You need to hone in and focus in this multi-tasking world.
  • Turning off social media may also help in eliminating distractions unless working on a specific project on a social media.
  • Tip #1: Alleviate the distractions.
  • Tip #2: Figure out your core purpose.
  • Tip #3: Have a to-do list to get things done (may be in an app or old-fashioned calendar, whatever suit you).
  • Tip #4: Find an accountability partner.
  • Tip #5: Try to get ahead and don't procrastinate.
  • Tip #6: If it's a waste of time for your business, hire someone for the little works will help grow your business more.
  • Time management will save you a lot of time.
  • Tip #7: (Shaun's input) 3Ds: do it, dump it, delegate it.
  • Tip #8: Use apps.
    • Toggl - narrow to different projects and time yourself.
    • Timer Plus - allocate time for a particular task.
    • Wunderlist - create to-do list.
    • Trello - project management tool.
  • Tip #9: Create a system/process to take the information, dump it and put it somewhere and know where you can access it because every time that pops up unnecessarily causes distractions.
  • Tip #10: Time yourself (in computer, egg timer, etc.)

Where to find us:

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