Background of Scott Monty: 

Scott Monty has been in the marketing game for a long time, was in social media long before it was social media. He was one of the creative heads with a small agency in Boston before joining Ford Motors to lead their global initiative for social media. Scott has the ability to engage and also to be engaged. He became an entrepreneur and recently started his business Scott Monty Strategies.

What we discussed:

  • Scott mentioned Frank Eliason (Comcast) led the industry change when it came to digital customer care.
  • Scott and Frank share the notion of how do you make a better experience for customers, whether through  customer service initiative, social media or anything you do in marketing.
  • It is important to treat social media as some form of media but it is not quite like earned media or paid media though there are elements of both in it but ultimately about building relationships.
  • Social media is building relationships with your colleagues, competitors, customers and people you want to reach.
  • Scott thinks social media is not a selling tool but a branding and awareness-building tool.
  • Have a good product.
  • Have engaging contents, stuff that connects with people emotionally that causes them to engage though not about talking about yourself.
  • Speak like the audience that you're trying to reach to build rapport and trust.
  • Apply your listening skills twice as hard as your talking skills.
  • Monitor the stuff that's coming in, what's being said about you and your competition.
  • Scott quoted Adrian Parker (VP - Patron Tequila ) who said, "...monitor unbranded conversations."
  • Promote other people's content.
  • Scott has a weekly newsletter called The Week In Digital to try and keep up with the changing aspects of technology. This is released every Monday.
  • Scoot coins some people he meet as GMOOT managers - "get me one of those"
  • Social media needs to be a sustained effort.
  • Three basics of what motivates people;
    1. We want what's in it for us and the people we care about.
    2. We want to leave a lasting impression.
    3. We want to to make the world a better place.
  • Scott mentioned Maria Popova, a strategic planner who runs Brain Pickings, who looked at an acceptance speech of a Nobel prize in literature that identified four (4) basic universal human desires;
    1. Acquisitiveness
    2. Rivalry
    3. Vanity
    4. Love of power
  • Scott has a live video preview every Sunday night using Facebook Mentions for the issues he's touching on his newsletter. Mentions is an app  currently only available to verified public figures.
  • Facebook is trying to get the news industry to rely on them more than on Twitter.
  • You need an email to get into the social networks.
  • To double down on how to reach people and do it in a personalize way and custom content, do emails.
  • You can link your email to the different social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google Ad services (announced earlier in the week).
  • Your email database is your ticket to learning how to better connect with people, as far as business goes, through social networks.
  • Action plan suggested by Scott: look at the totality of everything you are doing and revisit the plan and see how you're going.
  • Be smarter about advertising on Facebook.

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