25 - Make your Hashtags work using Hashtagify with Dan Mazzini

Dan Mazzini - Founder: Hashtagify.me Dan is  the founder of CyBranding Ltd. He started this to follow up on the success of his website hashtagify.me. His goal is to make it easier for real innovators to get noticed - and create a valuable brand - without needing tons of money or having to resort to black-hat tactics. After a few months of working on CyBranding part time, since September 2013 he is now working on it full time. In this interview we get a full demo of how hashtagify.com works.  Being that the demo is visual, you may want to choose to watch via video over listening on podcast.

Here's what Dan discussed with us in this interview:

  • Started Hashtagify while still in day job and now is full time in this business
  • What if you are not familiar with hashtags? How to understand hashtags?
  • Hashtags originally came from chat rooms
  • Hashtagify is a hashtag search tool
  • Full detailed demo of how to use Hashtagify

Dan's tip to take action in the next 24 hours:

1st: Make a list of the top keywords related to your subject

2nd: Start searching for the hashtags for these words on Hashtagify.me.

3rd: Find top hashtags in your field. Find the top rated ones and make a list of these from specific to less specific.

4th: Use one or two of the top hashtags you found the next time you tweet, G+, Instagram, etc.

5th: Find top influencers using the same hashtags. Create connection with them.

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