#workfromhomedads Campaign - Tips to teach your kids while working from home

What we discussed:

  • Tip# 1: Pinterest drive traffic to your website.
  • Re-tweeting posts may not get people to click through the link.
  • We like to help businesses through social media consulting.
  • Tip# 2: In LinkedIn, you can create a custom url for your page.
  • Coming up with your hashtag really depends if it's easier to remember (for short ones) or a long but descriptive ones, which is easier to identify.
  • #workfromhomedads campaign is to teach kids while working from home.
  • Terry will be creating videos that will help people get a better grasp on whatever it is they are trying to do and his daughter will put it out to share.
  • Rewards are motivation for kids.
  • In YouTube, you may earn residual income from the old videos you post that are continuously being viewed over time.
  • Businesses takes time to build, it's not an overnight thing.
  • It is better to have fewer fans that are engaging on a page compared to a lot that are doing nothing.
  • #workfromhomedads covers different categories - LinkedIn, love-attraction and a proposed book about 6 degrees of connectedness.
  • The 6 degrees of connectedness are with yourself, other people, planet, technology, universe, and your bliss.
  • Came up with an offer to film businesses and let them formulate who their business is.
  • #workfromhomedads is teaching people that you can turn being home with your kids into something that can turn around and profit.
  • Tip# 3: We need the profit to make a business in order to stay on business.


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