As the show has been revamping, we are launching the Business Growth Time. As with Social Media Hangout Time, the show covers social media and it encompasses the business world, too, thus the show name change. In this show we'll get to know Terry Bean and his special event called #313DLove.

Terry's upcoming major project this coming March 13 - #313DLove

What the #313DLove is about:

  • Started as a Twitter campaign way back in 2012 by tweeting what you love about Detroit.
  • Project name came out basically from the original Detroit code 313 and the first event was done on March 13 (03/13).
  • The event is partnered with great sponsors, organizations and prominent Detroiters.
  • This year's event masters of ceremony is David Farbman who has a book The Hunt.
  • Dr. Nandi of Ask Dr. Nandi Show is one of the event speakers.
  • Another speaker is Satori Shakoor who runs the The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers.
  • A good book,  Odyssey of Forty Days by Leon LaBrecque, one of the speakers of 313DLove.
  •  Another speaker is Robby Eimers, founder of The Eimers Foundation.
  • Tickets sold for $31.30 at You may also sign up here.
  • You may also register at
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