Background of Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera: Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera are the owners of Web Search Social specializing in small to medium-sized businesses for web search and social marketing. They have a podcast with a fan-base that they call Fred. Web Search Social is one of service lines of Rahvalor Interactive where they do app and software development.

What we discussed:

  • They call their audience, in a collective way, as Fred.
  • They are frequent guests of Nuclear ChowderContent WarfareThe Superheroes of MarketingOh So Pinteresting.
  • Podcasting affords ability to be flexible.
  • Watched a movie with original content about walrus, called Tusk.
  • Both Ralph and Carol Lynn are fascinated with content creators because they believe marketing starts with content creation.
  • Ralph shares fascination with TNT Joel for Stay Puft.
  • They have a good working relationship which includes fun.
  • Discussed which social media they would possibly work on a daily basis.
  • Discussed their love for mojitos.
  • They have a "relaxed" format with their interviews for their podcasts.
  • Re-purpose content by taking 1-3 minute clip of a tip or something funny from video contents.
  • Reminisced about the direction we took after senior high school and where we are today.
  • Creativity in reaching out to difference age group when teaching social media.
  • Everyone has the capacity to be creative.
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