What we discussed:

  • FTC cracking down on promotions for all social networks.
  • If you're going to have somebody share or tweet, with a hashtag, in order to win something, you have to say it's a contest.
  • The actual guidelines by Facebook for timeline contests states that you are not allowed to tag people or have them share a contest.
  • Always think what is the end goal for creating the contests (i.e: more subscribers, additional email to email list, etc)
  • It is important to spend some dollars on your contest otherwise it's not going to reach people.
  • Contests also bring awareness to your brand, channel, page, etc.
  • You need to know your end goal and test what works better to get there.
  • You may use templates from Lead Pages that you can use for the contest and to generate leads.
  • Things you may do for the contest:
    • Like, share and comment
    • Like and share
    • Like and comment
    • Like and click link
  • Make the contest as simple as possible as people sometimes are lazy to comment.
  • It is also good to give people something they want as opposed to what you have to give away.
  • Two types of contest: Facebook timeline and an app contest.
  • Samples of apps for contests: Heyo and Woobox
  • Contest could engage your specific audience and really target where you're spending your time.

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