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#tastethechange Applebee's Campaign

Background of Stephen Caggiano : Stephen was formerly with the food and wine industry with Court of Master Sommeliers. He started part time on social media in Orlando, FL and eventually moved to full time which he has been doing for 4 years already. He builds Twitter profiles, Facebook pages as the Digital Cat Herder.

What we discussed:

  • We got together with Stephen because of the Applebee's campaign #tastethechange that took place in St. Louis Park. Bottom line for getting together is Periscope.
  • Periscope is liv-streaming social media app.
  • At the Applebee's event, among others, were Jonathan Brewer, director of To Be The Change Revolutions, Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz, Vincenzo Landino, Sunny, Aaron Beibert (@8pmWarrior) who heads Attention Era that broadcasted the campaign.
  • Applebee's event closed out a digital footprint of over a billion impressions for just a day campaign.
  • Applebee's is a brand that gets social and knows how to connect with their audience.
  • Applebee's utilizes new technology for brand advocacy.
  • Nowadays, attention is the currency in social -- communicating TO the audience instead of talking AT the audience.
  • In Periscope, you know your audience is tuned in and paying attention by a show of hearts.
  • A user is allowed maximum 500 hearts to give at a given session and needs to leave the broadcast and back in.
  • Meerkat, another live streaming app, has the value of proposition build around engagement -- users have to share your broadcast, liking it and talking to you.
  • You may use a tool, SiderQube to auto aggregate hashtags within a brand chat so in Meerkat, if you have a brand, get people to use your hashtag in the Meerkat chat.
  • SpiderQube serves as an automated CRM where you can go back and re-engage everyone that was talking to your brand.
  • SpiderQube is with OneQube with Robert (@MediaLabRat) as the creator.
  • We need to keep up with the latest in social.

Where to find Stephen: @stephencaggiano on Twitter 

Be sure to join us in our Facebook group: Business Growth Time.


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