What we discussed:

  • You may want to keep your Periscope (live streaming) short, say 5-10 minutes specially if you want to re-purpose it on your YouTube channel.
  • Naming your company (business) is important as you would want something to represent who you are and what you do.
  • If you are marketing yourself, say a speaker, coach, author, consultant, etc, you may want to pick your name as the business/company name.
  • If you are looking to be an agency-type of company then you may want to have a name other than just your name.
  • You have to humanize your brand. If you are the owner of a company you should be branding your name, too. An example would be Janet's several business (Local Likes, Janet's Marketing Biz15-Minute Social, even Business Growth Time) going under one entity which is JanetEJohnson.com.
  • Terry started with Networked Inc although his biggest is Motor City Connect. He also has #313DLove and trybean.com among others.
  • Getting your different websites under one entity and showing up as separate pages will drive the traffic to that one entity and would give you rankings through the roof.
  • Clean up your LinkedIn profile and make sure there are no broken links.
  • Auditing your website(s), top social network profiles and updating them as needed is crucial for your business.
  •  We work for all our clients and sit down with them and do strategies for them but we need to take care of ourselves as a business owner, too.
  • We should probably have a spreadsheet of all the different social media platforms and tools we use just to keep them in one place.

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