What we discussed:

  • Tested out new platform with Stephen Caggiano called Blab.im.
  • The plaform has the ability to have 4 people in a session at one point.
  • Issue with getting 4 together at one time is talking over each other, one obstacle to look out for, but in general it would be a powerful tool.
  • Four participants' faces are shown at once, kind of the the Bradey bunch, unlike in Google Hangouts.
  • Another technical issue to look out for is the audio where it may not be turned up appropriately without disrupting other users.
  • Blab.im and Google Hangouts utilize same hardware (laptop, phone).
  • Blab cannot be recorded and put into YouTube for the SEO side of things.
  • Blab is live interaction, even have the ability to comment back to those commenting even as a presenter by typing back in the thread of conversation.
  • With Periscope you can't really engage with people without aide of tools
  • Katch.me is a tool that saves your replays so you may go back and engage with the people who commented on your Periscope. Katch.me will take you to Twitter where you may send messages.
  • Using the right tools with the applications (Periscope, etc) can make it as a marketing tool.
  • There are already 3rd party developers creating apps to use in conjunction with Blab.im to get it more powerful and user-friendly.
  • Blab.im in not available in the App Store yet.
  • People can come and join in the sessions. The host has the ability to allow different people into the conversation up to 4 people.
  • With Blab, host has the ability to boot people out, too.
  • You can schedule a session for people to know and come.

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