Background of Janet Johnson: 

Janet is a social media maven who's been invited to speak at all kinds of place. One of the thought leaders in the live-streaming space right now. Has an excellent program, 15 Minute Social, does coaching and consulting in the social media space, manages select companies' social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Background of Bonnie Frank: 

Founder and CEO of Women in Biz. As a success coach and trainer, she helps women start and grow businesses online. She has grown her own coaching business through live streaming and has trained many others to use both Periscope and Blab effectively to grow their businesses. Educator by trade. Traveled all over the country doing presentations on how to implement creative and progressive teaching methods like multiple intelligence.

What we discussed:

  • New technology -- live streaming, introduces you to new people but watch the clock to also not let the time get away when using it.
  • Common Core changed Bonnie's view on education, where it has become all about the data and how that data shakes out.
  • Peter Principle - you cannot be wonderful at everything.
  • Our being behind in terms of scores, education and progressing, workforce resulted to the Common Core being created to set standards.
  • Common Core curriculum up everything students are studying by a year making them miss a year's lesson.
  • Common Core curriculum is not inherently bad but how it is delivered. And on top of that kids are being tested constantly.
  • Mastermind types:
    • Napoleon Hill's mastermind is when two or more minds got together to create a super consciousness and be part of the larger conscious perspective.
    • Jack Boland has 8 steps into mastermind consciousness.
  • Mastermind, according to Bonnie, is the meeting of the minds to improve in some pre-determined way.
  • Bonnie is involved in the mastermind about business and improving the business for women who has been in business for 3 years or less.
  • Mastermind sessions may meet virtually.
  • Marketing funnel is all the things you're sending out -- emails, blogs, live streaming talks, and all the times you mention this particular mastermind and who you are marketing it.
  • Bonnie suggested to google mastermind, search in Facebook and start educating yourself on what's out there.

Where to find Bonnie:

Where to find us:

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