10 - How to Grow your Business using Google+ Interview with David Foster

David Foster came from a construction background, but realized his body would fall apart.  He started with building websites.  He even created custom pages on MySpace. He launched Fan Page Engine and with the industry of the Facebook apps, he moved over to Google+ and is now working with GeekBeat.tv!

Here are some nuggets from the interview with David Foster.

Tool that posts from Google+

Tool to post from Google+ to Facebook, Twitter and/or Linkedin is Friends+Me.  With Friends+Me you can control where the post is pushed to with a #hashtag.

As a local business using Google+ links to Google Places.  This can be a main place for potential customers to find you.

Specifics to do on your Google+ Page:

  • Submit photos and tag themselves
  • Visual Branding and Posts
  • Fill out your profile information fully
  • Fill out your hours
  • Get reviews

How did he get circled by over 5,000 people in a very short amount of time?

  • Respond to every comment
  • Search for hashtags in his area where he wants to find conversation
  • Picky about who he adds

Who is Google+ for?

Any business who focuses their efforts there.  If you focus there, you will see success.  Commit to one and follow through. Set a schedule and stay consistent.  It takes time to build it.  But if you stay consistent, it will grow.

Why is Google+ scary?  So many facets, but it really is basic if you break it down and shut off some of the noise.

  • Circles
  • Hangouts
  • Events
  • Communities

David is teaching people how to make Google+ a better experience with all the above.  Circles makes it so organized.

He is now with GeekBeat.tv.  How did he find this gig?  Google+, of course!  Be sure to circle David on Google+.

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