Background of Keri Jaehnig: Keri is the founder of Idea Girl Media. Received Honorable Mention in the Expert category, 2013 Small Business Influencer Awards. Featured author at SteamFeed, contributing author at Search Engine People and Social Media Today. Administrator of the Likeable League Inner Circle.

What we discussed:

  • One of the speakers at the LadyBlogger 2015 event last April in St. Louis, MO, sponsored by The Women in Biz, and spoke about Secret Formula For Promoting Blogs With Social Media.
  • As a general rule, when posting to social media, you have to recycle content and continue to share it.
  • Twitter would be the most conducive social platform to promote anything.
  • The golden nugget form of social media is publish your blog then syndicate on all of your social platforms - YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Post your blog to Twitter possibly 3 to 4 times, depending on your following.
  • The key is to give it a different title/subtitle, giving people a fresh view and be thinking of what is your audience doing at that time.
  • When you post a blog, you want to think what your audience's psychology is at the time of day.
  • Utilize link shortener such as in Twitter.
  • Use hashtags in tweets to help you gain followers and attention.
  • Continue to recycle content as long as it's relevant.
  • When sharing a post, introduce it or describe it for people to know your thoughts or comment about it so people may interact and engage with you.
  • There is no icon to share to Instagram however you may put the blog photos in SlideShare and perhaps put in the description like you posted it in  your social network or perhaps link in your bio.
  • You may also post an image in Instagram where the link is on it.
  • You can link your Facebook pages to your Instagram account and switch between your pages and profile.
  • Do not abandon  your own blog simply because you may create content in social networks. The reason for this is you own your blog and you make the decision for that platform.
  • Don't put in a long post in LinkedIn because people's main goal being there is to network.
  • If Google+ is not our major social platform then we, at least, need to have presence there.
  • Google+ is a good place for social media professionals and online marketers to interact.
  • If all of your effort is put out there once, taking into consideration the time it takes to create content, that's a lot of time for little rewards therefore you need to share them more.
  • Utilize content scheduler like Hootsuite or Buffer so to streamline your content marketing.
  • BundlePost, an advance content scheduler may also serve as content bank.
  • Another strategic way to share content is through Triberr.
  • Be part of the group, Likeable Inner Circle where people can collaborate and learn social media.

Where to find  Keri: 

If you have't joined us on Facebook, you may at Business Growth Time.

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