21 - Favorite Social Media Tools

Lisa and Janet love tools to help them streamline their marketing efforts in social media.

Here are the list of tools we use and love:

  1. Hootsuite (Lisa). Why? Manage and monitor what people are saying about your brand, schedule on multiple platforms, manage multiple accounts, Hootsuite University tutorials and analytic reports.
  2. Facebook Scheduler (Janet). Why? If you are not aware, you can set up weekly, monthly, etc right inside Facebook. It is the little clock button in the bottom left hand corner in the area where you write a post. fb_scheduler
  3. Buffer App (Lisa). Why? Find content that you want to share and you can build it up in this app and schedule it for later.
  4. Friends+Me (Janet). Why? Tool to post from Google+ Profile to other social media platforms, then post to Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. It is guided by hashtags where you want to repost.
  5. Hashtagify (Lisa). Why? Tells you what hashtags are trending and maybe you can piggyback that trend if it works into your business.
  6. Sharegrab (Janet). Why? Shows the most engaging, viral content on specific pages
  7. Rebelmouse (Lisa). Why? Aggregates all your content into one website. It can be integrated within your website too.
  8. Canva (Janet). Why? Different layouts and images offered to create your own graphic design. Provide $1 stock images too.
  9. Where to find Stock Images? Blog.bufferapp.com/free-image-sources-list

(Janet's Blog Post on 9 apps to increase productivity)


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