35 - Repurpose Content for Further Exposure with Janet E Johnson


This segment is a short mini-lesson by Janet E Johnson. She will walk you through the ways to repurpose your content over and over so you can do less work. This will not only save you time and energy, but will give you different types of content to use across the different social media channels.

Remember, this is based on starting with a Google Hangout, but you could change it around any way that you'd like. You can start with a blog post and repurpose that into a video. So many different directions this can go!


What is covered in this segment:

  • Start with a Google Hangout
  • Repurpose into a short video to upload to Facebook (example I discuss was of the last show:
  • Videos are easy to clip
  • Download the sound file into a Podcast
  • Take this content and create a blog post around the video
  • Create an Image of the interview
  • Take quotes out of the interview
  • Turn the quote images or quotes into a presentation format and load to Slideshare
  • Take text quotes and use a text-only social media posts
  • Don't forget to REPURPOSE your content into multiple formats


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