Background of Kevin Krason: Kevin founded BizNet Internet Solutions back in 1994. He started out as an internet service provider then grew into a web app development company. Spend sometime building mobile apps and now they're playing the really exciting place of marketing automation.

What we discussed:

  • There is a hard time validating marketing when it comes to return on investment.
  • The amount of data available  nowadays is very useful.
  • Marketing automation is used to help society by understanding what people need better and being able to deliver what they need.
  • Marketing automation is a system, a process, a combination of things, technology, tactics, the way people do things.
  • The sales process is like a funnel starting with awareness moving to engagement or interest engagement consideration and then finally down to a purchase.
  • The right message at the right time is the key to marketing automation success.
  • Marketing automation minimizes marketing costs.
  • The most significant part of a marketing automation system is the email communication.
  • Companies who implement marketing automation system on average in the first six to nine months see a 10% increase of sales.
  • Social media is part of content marketing.

Where to find Kevin? 

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