21 - Favorite Social Media Tools

Lisa and Janet love tools to help them streamline their marketing efforts in social media.

Here are the list of tools we use and love:

  1. Hootsuite (Lisa). Why? Manage and monitor what people are saying about your brand, schedule on multiple platforms, manage multiple accounts, Hootsuite University tutorials and analytic reports.
  2. Facebook Scheduler (Janet). Why? If you are not aware, you can set up weekly, monthly, etc right inside Facebook. It is the little clock button in the bottom left hand corner in the area where you write a post. fb_scheduler
  3. Buffer App (Lisa). Why? Find content that you want to share and you can build it up in this app and schedule it for later.
  4. Friends+Me (Janet). Why? Tool to post from Google+ Profile to other social media platforms, then post to Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. It is guided by hashtags where you want to repost.
  5. Hashtagify (Lisa). Why? Tells you what hashtags are trending and maybe you can piggyback that trend if it works into your business.
  6. Sharegrab (Janet). Why? Shows the most engaging, viral content on specific pages
  7. Rebelmouse (Lisa). Why? Aggregates all your content into one website. It can be integrated within your website too.
  8. Canva (Janet). Why? Different layouts and images offered to create your own graphic design. Provide $1 stock images too.
  9. Where to find Stock Images? Blog.bufferapp.com/free-image-sources-list

(Janet's Blog Post on 9 apps to increase productivity)


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20 - Those who tell the Best Stories WIN Online

Ryan Hanley is the founder of Hanley Media Lab, an advanced content marketing agency helping companies grow their audience, to grow their business. Ryan is the producer of the Content Warfare Podcast, one of iTunes most downloaded content marketing podcasts for over two years. Ryan is also the author of Content Warfare: How to find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention.

He recently  in a list of 70 Rising Social Media Stars by Mark Schaefer: The Top 70 rising social media stars. We congratulate him for that achievement!!!

In this interview we discuss with Ryan:

  • Moved his show from a podcast (listen only) to a live Google+ Hangout Podcast
  • 2 camps of viewers...watchers of the videos and listeners of podcasts
  • Live vs Prerecorded Hangouts
  • Capturing attention for a brief period of time - Attention married with trust
  • Why do you do business? Telling stories
  • Cost - We will overpay if we feel we are connected
  • Make a connection, then offer a deal to get them in the door
  • Facebook - For local business, it is highly suggested to be on it
  • Idea: Post a picture of staff members and small tidbits about that person's life
  • Interruptions vs Inbound marketing - build social proof
  • People are talking about your business if your business is on social media or not, but with social media you have the opportunity to step in and correct the problem
  • Filter to core audience
  • "Digitizing the sole of your business" - Build trust first, then tell your story
  • Ryan has a new book:
  • Download FREE Chapter of Book

Action Step to take in the next 24 Hours

Think back to Day 1. What was your why of starting your business. Ask your customers why they think you should be in business. Connect the Why's to be the same thing. :)

Learn all about Ryan and connect with him at:  RyanHanley.com


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19 - Triberr: A Unique Platform to Connect and Share Content with Dino Dogan

Who is Dino Dogan?

Founder of Triberr. Lousy Mixed Martial Artist and a recovering Network Engineer. Pretty good singer/songwriter, trainer of dogs, and a blogger of biz. Fun at parties and a global force for badassery.

We discuss Triberr - an amazing blog sharing platform

  • What is Triberr?
  • Who's it for?
  • Content curator, connector and sharing platform
  • How did Dino come up with the idea?
  • How does it work?
  • It's about giving and sharing other's content...it will come back
  • Tribber plugin for self-hosted Wordpress
  • You want attention that comes from traffic
  • Life's an 'and', not an 'or. :)

Dino Dogan and Mike Brooks have a podcast that interviews speakers right before they are going to do a TED talk. The podcast is called Road to TED.


 Dino's Action Steps to Implement in the next 24 Hours:

#1: Start a BLOG. If you don't have a blog, you don't have a voice! Own your own empire!

#2: You need a Tribe to help you build a Tribe

#3: Sign up for Triberr


Where can Dino be found?

DinoDogan.com and Triberr.com

Twitter Handle: @dinodogan


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Mike's Company: Nuclear Chowder Marketing

Mike helps small businesses with their online marketing. He will build websites, mobile apps, manage search/inbound marketing, social media. He has a very hands on approach. His mission is his client's success.

He is a blogger, podcaster and speaker for hire. He loves helping folks succeed. As the owner of a martial arts school for over 10 years, he knows how hard it is to run a small business.


Here's what is covered in the interview with Mike Brooks:


  • Why he named his company 'Nuclear Chowder Marketing'.
  • It's important to stand out!
  • You have 2 seconds to get people to pay attention.
  • You either tell your story or someone else will.
  • Myth: Content is suddenly important. It's always been important.
  • Tell stories - People like to learn from stories
  • When you are referred to someone, what do you do when you get their name? Google? Facebook?
  • If your competition has a better story, you could lose business to them
  • Guts of what you should do on a daily basis is marketing...working on making sales!
  • Focus on your current customers
  • What should you write about? Talk to your customers to find out what to write about.
  • Talk about what is going to answer a question
  • Everything is mobile - Invest in Mobile


Mike's Tip to take action on in the next 24 hours:

Make sure that their marketing messages are dialed in for conversions. Assess your website on desktop AND mobile.


Where can you find Mike Brooks?  His website: Nuclear Chowder Marketing and on Twitter @michaelsbrooks

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