17 - Shout In The Right Direction

Nick is the owner of Tech Nick Creative, a web marketing company in Minneapolis, MN. At night, he dreams about social media, web design, blog strategy, and other ways to help small and medium companies grow using the web. Nick is a speaker and instructor on social media strategy, teaching a course on the topic at Century College, Argosy University, and North Hennepin Community College. He just release his new social media book called "Shout in the Right Direction."


What we cover in this interview with Nick:

  • Connect with Nick on Twitter: @nickrosener
  • New Book: Shout in the Right Direction
  • Biggest Challenges - figuring out your segments
  • Once you figure out your segment, think about where they hang out
  • Each social network is like a different language
  • Maybe you shouldn't be trying to use every platform
  • Imaginary Sales Person Exercise
  • Tracking Systems - Hootsuite
  • Have everything come back to the marketing segments
  • What is your core purpose for being in business?
  • Campaign calendar (instead of an editorial calendar)
  • Narrow campaign to a specific goal
  • Different types of metrics to measure


Action Steps to take in the next 24 hours:

Make a campaign for 1 month. 1 basic thing. Write down a Smart Goal. Then write down the ACTION PLAN.

Implement this in the next month.

Reach out to Nick or his co-author Eric on Twitter: Use #shoutbook

Find this book on Amazon - Kindle or Paperback


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