27 - Social Media and Online Tools to Simplify your Time with Janet E Johnson and Lisa Saline

Social Media and Online Tools to Simplify your Time with Janet E Johnson and Lisa Saline

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On this show Lisa and I discuss our favorite tools that simplify our marketing lives and save us time. This is a part 2 of a previous show about tools because we have so many favorites.

Facebook Tools:

#1: Heyo

Tool to build Facebook App Pages. You can use it for an email campaign, contests, about us, YouTube Channel, Pinterest Channel, Google Reviews and so much more.   Pricing: starts free for a trial and up.

#2: Post Planner

Scheduling tool for Facebook posts. You can schedule your posts, sample pre-written posts you can use, trending topics, post to multiple Facebook pages at the same time and much more offered with this tool. Pricing: Try it for free!


Google+ Tools

#1: Circloscope

Helps build your circles, who you follow and who follows you. This puts building your circles and your Google+ presence on steroids...really speeds up the process. :) Pricing: $47/year.

#2: Do Share

This is a way to schedule to your Google+ Profile. This is the only tool that we know of that can schedule your post to your PROFILE on Google+. Most schedulers can only schedule to pages.  Only downfall to this tool is that your computer must be running in order in order for the scheduled posts to go. Pricing: Do Share is FREE.


Twitter Tools:


Find really good content and put it in a repost bucket. It will be recycled for you. It has the unfollow feature, helps source the right kind of hashtag sources, helps build followers and more. Pricing: Free and Paid versions


Online Tools:

Lead Pages

Squeeze page templates that have been tested and documented to convert. It is a drag'n'drop program that integrates with your email program. It helps convert sales, build your list and so much more. Pricing: $297/year


Email campaign system for collecting emails. This also integrates with Lead Pages.


Extremely robust marketing system. There are a lot of marketing campaigns that can integrate with LeadPages.

Pricing: Set up Fee + $250 - $350/month

Do you use any of the above tools? What are your favorites? We'd love to hear your feedback!

Also, if you are a creator of a tool that you think our audience would love to hear about, please contact us so that we can review and possibly have you on our show.


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