15 - Ways your Business can build Authority with Brian Horn and Jack Mize

Brian Horn and Jack Mize are interviewed in this show.  Brian is a best-selling author who has helped many top celebrity entrepreneurs in the world with the online branding, search engine optimization and internet marketing.  Jack is a speaker, author, trainer and one of the most respected and sought after Online Media Marketing Strategists for small business owners and and local marketing consultants.

They discuss how they teach people how to build authority.  They have a show called Authority Alchemy.

Core of an authority...start thinking of yourself as an educator and advocate for your customer's success.

Some major points covered by Brian and Jack in this interview:

  • Be an educator and advocate for your client's success
  • Move how you introduce from 'I am...' to 'I help...'
  • Be authentic, show flaws, not be afraid to be a real person
  • Story lines - Brian's '90210 Formula' - 5 is the magic #
  • Create anxiety and curiosity to your target market
  • Using Profile on Facebook vs Page on Facebook - Brian explains how he uses his profile
  • Use humor and use motivation in your posts
  • Not using your profile to sell, but make people want to buy

Action Steps to take in the next 24 hours

  1. Jack's Tip: Focus on your current customers and give them a reason to have them want to refer you to your family and friends.  Go to your 'About Me' on Facebook and other social sites.  Make sure it is reading 'I help...' vs 'I am...'
  2. Brian's Tip: Head to become a contributor on CNN. Link is ireport.cnn.com.  Apply for an account.  Post a news story.  Post it.  Share link of story and now you have the authority of being on CNN.

The authority marketing really does work! Little things can

FUN NOTE:  Around the 8 minute mark in the video, Kimmy cracks a funny joke to Jack. ;)

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