Images in Social Media can Grow your Engagement and your Business - with Lisa Saline and Janet E Johnson

Images in social media have an amazing effect on your marketing.  In this episode, Lisa Saline and Janet E Johnson discuss how images can tell stories in your social media. A picture can tell 1,000 words!  Using images to convert your social media efforts into cash!

We discuss ideas on these different types of images:

  • Funny images
  • Eye-Catching images
  • Tips on images
  • Quotes on images
  • Office and Business images
  • Infographic images 

Can you remember what the image is we talk about with the lady and some quote we talk about during the funny images part?

We also discuss our Kimmy and Miss Piggy image that we posted just to have a bit of fun since the Muppet Movie was coming out.  If you missed it, here it is again for you.


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7 - How to Build a Cash Generating Side Business using Social Media with Angela Brooks

Angela Brooks is a former burnt-out mental health nurse who is now a nurse educator, thriving business owner, and online marketing trainer. She is married to an amazing man who has supported her continually on her business journey. Angela is also the mom of two busy boys who are very active in sports (including travel baseball!). She quickly learned how to take her business “on the move” so she could attend her sons’ games and practices.  You can learn more about Angela and her products on her site at:

What we covered in this interview:

  • How to build a side business using ONLY social media
  • How to schedule posts so you can live your life
  • Specific Blogging/Social Media Process
  • How she uses her unique voice and stories
  • How she went to a top position in her company in 3 years (using social media, of course), when normally most take 10 years to get to that level
  • What her new coaching product is about
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6 - Simple Twitter Strategies to Grow your Business

You really can build new connections through social media! Janet and Nick met through Google+, now they have a face-to-face chat on a hangout!

Here are some things that are covered in this interview:

  • How to set up Twitter Lists
  • Nick's new Twitter training program: Zero to Twitter
  • The excuse of not having enough time for social media
  • How to use Hootsuite to create lists on Twitter and monitor all social sites
  • Using Hootlet

Where can you find out about Nick Ellison and his products?

He has a FREE social media blueprint you can download:

Here's his new program:  Zero to Twitter

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This interview with Mike O'Neil discusses how to make your Linkedin Profile stand out

  • Formula for Success on your profile pic:  Get it cut-out.  Put in a .png file.  Put something as part of your brand behind you.  This will give people a little more attention.  2 Excellent examples: Ron Noden and Pam Demmer.
  • You can put more than one picture.  At least have 5 pictures. Top 2 Pictures are most important.
  • Media Wall background - perfectly blurred
  • Predictions about (they own and there will be a universal dashboard connecting all the platforms 

Mike shares about his upcoming book, Rock the World with Linkedin Version 3.  

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Who is Sebastian Rusk? Sebastian has developed a very unique approach to creating vibes and making noise for brands via social media.  His role as an author, emcees, speaker, influencer, personality for brands and social media strategist has enabled him to influence those around him.  His forte has been able to make his crazy ideas to reality or what makes a reality today.  It is no mystery why Sebastian's referred to as a walking billboard and the creator of Buzz.  Now was conceptualized and founded by Sebastian Rusk in March of 2010, so it's been a couple of years. And he's got a large background in the area of marketing online space, he's been doing it for 12 years or more.  And he has a real knack for not only thinking outside the box but showing there could be reasonable thinking inside that box.  He has a passion for social media creating buzz for brands and spreading the word on the power behind through the digital space which has been the driving force to launch And he has a signature look, as you can see, he has a signature look that we always see the bow tie.  So if you know Sebastian, you know the bow tie.  Sebastian's new book coming out this spring:  Social Media Sucks (If You Don't Know What You're Doing).  So, can you expand on that, how you came up the name of that for your new book coming out? In this interview we discuss:

  • how to write a book with the help of Advantage Media
  • social media interactions, how the world has changed to meeting so many people first online, then we meet face-to-face!
  • being authentic and not hiding behind your business.
  • why does Sebastian wear a bow tie?
  • standing out in this busy social media world








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