Background of Jacob Hagberg: 

Jacob Hagbert is a full time internet marketer. He helps  different small businesses and larger corporations get found online through search engine optimization.


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Terry Bean's Background: Started the Motor City Connect in 2006 where the idea was to empower people and help them grow their business.

What we discussed:

Three main points were discussed about becoming authentic in social media and have a goal and purpose in doing social:

1. What do you do?

Janet's: To help businesses grow with specific strategies to be noticed and heard by trying to simplify marketing, those in-depth marketing strategies and bring it down to elementary levels.

Terry's: To connect, select businesses and individuals with the knowledge, resources and opportunities that they need to succeed.

2. Why do you do it?

Janet's: Love seeing the people's results.

Terry's: Because he spent a bit of time in training and trying to figure out what his place was in the universe.

3. What's in it for them (audience or customer's point of view)?

Janet's: Simplify the way they do business so that they can increase their revenue.

Terry's: Talk about speaking and it's part inspirational, and it's part educational and it's part entertaining.

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As the show has been revamping, we are launching the Business Growth Time. As with Social Media Hangout Time, the show covers social media and it encompasses the business world, too, thus the show name change. In this show we'll get to know Terry Bean and his special event called #313DLove.

Terry's upcoming major project this coming March 13 - #313DLove

What the #313DLove is about:

  • Started as a Twitter campaign way back in 2012 by tweeting what you love about Detroit.
  • Project name came out basically from the original Detroit code 313 and the first event was done on March 13 (03/13).
  • The event is partnered with great sponsors, organizations and prominent Detroiters.
  • This year's event masters of ceremony is David Farbman who has a book The Hunt.
  • Dr. Nandi of Ask Dr. Nandi Show is one of the event speakers.
  • Another speaker is Satori Shakoor who runs the The Secret Society of Twisted Storytellers.
  • A good book,  Odyssey of Forty Days by Leon LaBrecque, one of the speakers of 313DLove.
  •  Another speaker is Robby Eimers, founder of The Eimers Foundation.
  • Tickets sold for $31.30 at You may also sign up here.
  • You may also register at
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Background of Dafna Michaelson Jenet:  Dafna had this amazing journey to all fifty states in one year to look for stories of people that have been empowered, in their own ways, to solve problems and building the community. She is the author of of a newly launched book It Takes a Little Crazy to Make a Difference.

What we discussed:

  • Economic depression around 2009 doesn't mean the society would, too.
  • Human capital was so powerful, far beyond the dollars that were being lost in the economy.
  • in our society we continue to look at belief in your own ability as crazy which we need to debunk.
  • The moniker "crazy" shouldn't be an issue if you are using it in context with branding yourself, and it is a memorable one.
  • A good rule for social media is to post something what we would say to everybody.
  • In social media, we should learn to communicate respectfully and use it as a platform for our passions and for elevating people.
  • Everything that you post should re-enforce your brand but don't forget authenticity.
  • 80-20 rule on posting - 80% adding value and 20% may be used for selling.

Action steps to take in the next 24 hours:

  • Create a social media mission statement by answering the following questions in 2 minutes;
  1. What is it that you do?
  2. Why do you do it?
  3. What was that lipo-smashing moment, something that happened in your life that triggered what it is that you do?
  • Pull out the powerful words from your answer and formulate it into a 3-sentence statement which will be your social media mission statement.

Where to find Dafna? You can find Dafna on

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