Background of Kevin Krason: Kevin founded BizNet Internet Solutions back in 1994. He started out as an internet service provider then grew into a web app development company. Spend sometime building mobile apps and now they're playing the really exciting place of marketing automation.

What we discussed:

  • There is a hard time validating marketing when it comes to return on investment.
  • The amount of data available  nowadays is very useful.
  • Marketing automation is used to help society by understanding what people need better and being able to deliver what they need.
  • Marketing automation is a system, a process, a combination of things, technology, tactics, the way people do things.
  • The sales process is like a funnel starting with awareness moving to engagement or interest engagement consideration and then finally down to a purchase.
  • The right message at the right time is the key to marketing automation success.
  • Marketing automation minimizes marketing costs.
  • The most significant part of a marketing automation system is the email communication.
  • Companies who implement marketing automation system on average in the first six to nine months see a 10% increase of sales.
  • Social media is part of content marketing.

Where to find Kevin? 

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2 -  The Ins and Outs of Running an Online Show and Podcast

The Ins and Outs of Running an Online Show and Podcast

What we discuss:

  • Consistency in frequency is important for content though it's not the end all of it.
  • Frequency for podcasting should be more compared to video content.
  • Videos are easily found if you optimize it.
  • Little more fun to do podcast with somebody that you can spin ideas off.
  • Video exposure is bigger.
  • Reach of videos on Facebook goes so much further.
  • Editing a clip off a long show, 30 seconds to a minute, and post in Facebook to promote the show.
  • Use the videos and podcasts in multiple ways where you are re-using the content over and over.
  • Video is powerful for SEO.
  • You can get more interaction and followers with a live show.
  • Google Hangout has cool tools to ramp up a show.
  • It is good to set up YouTube channel for the videos.
  • Libsyn tends to be the favorite for hosting podcasts.
  • Sponsorship can monetize a podcast though you need to have a big viewership.
  • Affiliate is another way to make money.
  • Face to face interview feel like it brings a whole new level in trust and respect.
  • Staying ahead is important.
  • To start a show, just go ahead and do it.
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1 - Benefits and Downfalls of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Mike O’Neil

Background of Mike O'Neil:
Mike is the LinkedIn Rockstar. He's Forbes top 50 social media power influencer, 2 years running, and an internationally acclaimed LinkedIn authority. He inspires audience with vision, energy and style, as you already probably see, using the inspiration of classic rock music to demonstrate the relationship building power and business potential of LinkedIn.

What we discussed:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator - a separate program from LinkedIn used as CRM where you're able to create leads and companies.
  • Greasemonkey - a Firefox plug-in used as app development platform.
  • LinkedIn Autopilot - a neat LinkedIn tool that lets you visit profiles.
  • There is integration between and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Paid LinkedIn account lets you access the advanced search functions.
  • You can get two paid accounts - LinkedIn and Navigator for one person


Where can you find Mike?

Rock the World with LinkedIn Book

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