Background of Lisa Mininni: Lisa is president of Excellerate Associates. She is the best-selling author of Me, Myself and Why? Secrets to Navigating Change. She also hosts a radio show that reaches tens and thousands of people with that same title, Navigating Change.

What we discussed:

  • Everything including networking, stems from natural hardwiring which is part of biology.
  • Hardwiring becomes apparent at about one and a half to two years of age and stays with you your entire life.
  • Natural hardwiring is part of our nature.
  • Behaviors are part of our nurture.
  • AcuMax Index is the only tool available that objectively reports and measures natural wiring.
  • When talking about behavior and sales, all you've got to be is YOURSELF while understand how you are naturally wired.
  • Being aware how another person is wired would make communication effective.
  • There are different factor combinations for people;
  1. A factor - determine the amount of autonomy you need.
  2. B factor - deals with communication that determines how you process thought.
  3. C factor - patience factor
  4. D factor - amount of information that you need to know.
  • B factor is what's pronounced in people when meeting them.
  • High amount of B factor in your index shows a person likes to create ideas by talking aloud. They are called the external thinker.
  • External thinkers need to be acknowledged to feel understood and heard.
  • External thinkers are energized by face-to-face interactions.
  • Internal thinkers are those that process thoughts on the inside who usually gives out the "blank" processing stare.
  • Internal thinkers need silence to process their thoughts.
  • Internal thinkers are energized by being in their thoughts.
  • Knowing individual indexes, at an organizational level, is important in improving their productivity, improving team work, improving their profitability.
  • Wired to Win Program gives an individual their AcuMax Index.
  • Knowing individual AcuMax Index can help you understand people.
  • Project Forgive by Shawne Duperone is one event this classification of people was experienced.
  • Next Authentic Leadership Day is on May 20th.
  • Me, Myself and Why? The Secrets to Navigating Change, one of Lisa's books talks about hardwiring and helping a person through the change.
  • Lisa's life vision:

A world that embraces quality, nurtures wisdom and values integrity. A world, where together we share our uniqueness to motivate others to strive for excellence while demonstrating courage, character and balance.

  • Entrepreneurial Edge System is a self-study course where she goes through the three steps of mastering your inner entrepreneurial, systematizing and monetizing your business and executing your business blueprint.

Where to reach Lisa: You may go to Excellerate Associates.

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What we discussed:

  • Tip# 1: When using Google Hangout, look at the camera!
  • Not all people think of YouTube as a social network.
  • Facebook usually used for social interaction.
  • LinkedIn usually used for business interaction.
  • Twitter used for up-to-the-moment news and sports info.
  • Google+ has the fun, power and ability Facebook has minus the audience.
  • Pinterest and Instagram may be used as mix for personal and business.
  • Google Hangout is basically YouTube.
  •  Pinterest drives traffic to the blog and/or videos; also it has longevity.
  • YouTube also has longevity.
  • LinkedIn has become prone to spammers and scammers, alike.
  • Tip# 2: When invited to an event, don't RSVP when you don't really intend to join.
  • When using Google+, you're ensured that your posts are searchable.
  • Tip# 3: Do not randomly endorse people in LinkedIn just so your face appears on their profile.
  • Tip# 4: You may focus on two social networks but you cannot be everywhere and do it consistently.

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Background of Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera: Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera are the owners of Web Search Social specializing in small to medium-sized businesses for web search and social marketing. They have a podcast with a fan-base that they call Fred. Web Search Social is one of service lines of Rahvalor Interactive where they do app and software development.

What we discussed:

  • They call their audience, in a collective way, as Fred.
  • They are frequent guests of Nuclear ChowderContent WarfareThe Superheroes of MarketingOh So Pinteresting.
  • Podcasting affords ability to be flexible.
  • Watched a movie with original content about walrus, called Tusk.
  • Both Ralph and Carol Lynn are fascinated with content creators because they believe marketing starts with content creation.
  • Ralph shares fascination with TNT Joel for Stay Puft.
  • They have a good working relationship which includes fun.
  • Discussed which social media they would possibly work on a daily basis.
  • Discussed their love for mojitos.
  • They have a "relaxed" format with their interviews for their podcasts.
  • Re-purpose content by taking 1-3 minute clip of a tip or something funny from video contents.
  • Reminisced about the direction we took after senior high school and where we are today.
  • Creativity in reaching out to difference age group when teaching social media.
  • Everyone has the capacity to be creative.
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The show is about the Facebook group created,  Business Growth Time. Join the community for some updates on revamping of the podcast.

In our group we'd like you to:

  • Ask questions
  • Give feedback
  • Talk to us
  • Talk to the guests
  • Learn business tip that will grow your biz!
  • Just have FUN!

Also a shout out to Joel's YouTube channel, TNT Joel where kids can have fun.


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Background of Ravi Shukle: Ravi loves to help online retailers create happy customers for life through customer service.  He's had over ten years of experience in online customer service and he has used this to help organizations better understand and connect with both their employees and customers to help increase the impact on sales, marketing and word of mouth.

What we discussed:

  • Ravi working with Post Planner, who has recently launched their web app with more feature  and functionality than the older version.
  • Ravi have streamlined social media for Samsung in UK.
  • Customer service is crucial in some business as people don't want to email and want to take it up on Facebook or other social networks.
  • One good rule to follow for customer service is acknowledge the comments, queries, etc.
  • A happy customer will tell friends but an angry customer will tell more friends.
  • Set up FAQs and escalation systems.
  • In social, people expect response within an hour.
  • Customer is entitled to their opinion but it doesn't mean they end up always right.
  • Work issues out with customers before deleting or banning people.
  • The customer service team should be empowered employees to have smoother experience dealing with customers.
  • Do not take negative feedback personally.
  • Show actual people behind the brand for authenticity and personality.

Where to find Ravi: 

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