2024 Instagram Predictions

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How to Get Your Offer to Sell

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 Terry and Janet's 2022 Marketing Predictions

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Instagram Feed or Stories?

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Outsourcing in the Philippines with Derek Gallimore

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Social Coffee Time ☕🍵🥛🍳🍩

Today's Tip - How to set up Shopping on Instagram

AND What if you don't have the shopping button??? We battled this for a client recently, so could be very useful for you to learn!

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This week we will cover some of the latest updates, case studies and #rosannestweet

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Weekly Show - Social Coffee Time! ☕ Join me for coffee (or a smoothie, cereal, water 😉) This week - more on the Cambridge Analytica saga - latest changes that will affect users. Each week, I review the latest social media updates and valuable strategies to get more results from your social media. I also discuss specific, real-world social media case studies to help give you ideas to use and understand what exactly is working in the social media space!

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Explaining your Business - What exactly do Janet and Terry do?

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Time and Consistency with Terry Bean

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24 - Tips for Developing a Video Content Strategy for Social Media Campaigns

Points we discussed in this interview with Tim: Tim started his career back in the Army Major changes with video in the past 20 years Importance of video in social media Social media is rocket fuel for more views on your videos A sample video content marketing strategy - What assets do you have already? Tell your story and define your audience Titles to videos in the way customers would ask the question (how-to) Remember, YouTube is a search engine Measure video effectiveness with analytics tools: Brightcove, Wistia Small businesses need to just make sure the quality is good Types of cameras: Smartphones can work. Sound is what is so important. Title and Description of video on YouTube is critical! First thing is description should be website. Add captions to with keywords to your videos Add annotations (clickable hot links) Facebook videos vs YouTube videos - how to post You can turn off videos at end of yours that pop up When embed, use right aspect ratio Pin each video to Pinterest Action Step you should take in the next 24 hours: Testimonial - Interview your best client. Get them talking about your business!

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