28 - How Your Facebook Page Content can go Viral using Post Planner with Joshua Parkinson

How Your Facebook Page Content can go Viral using Post Planner with Joshua Parkinson


Joshua Parkinson is the Founder of  Post Planner.

His specialties: troublemaking, product development, jedi mind tricks, UI/UX, simplicity mongering, fate hacking, catching extremely quick desert lizards, Facebook marketing, copywriting, crushing the boxes people think outside of, uncomfortable situations, googling things, philosophizing, and degrading energy

His superhuman feats:
• Took app from zero to 50k users and $30k/mo revenue in 1 year
• Designed UI/UX
• Grew blog from 9k to 180k uniques/month in 1 year

 What we cover with Joshua in this interview:

  • He started Post Planner in March of 2011
  • Post Planner is an app that makes it super easy to post social media content to Facebook
  • This app started as a scheduler, but content is the pain point, so now this program helps find viral photos, viral content and more
  • Content marketing works. Their case study (with the help of Scott Ayres) proves that blogging works being that they have hit the the top 10 list of best blogs in 2014 by Social Media Examiner
  • Post Planner has a Free Version and Paid Versions
  • His suggestion: Post 3x per day. Morning, mid-day, evening. Mix it up with article, pictures and text posts. Schedule ahead.
  • App shows the successful posts
  • Run targeted Facebook ads along with your posts to add more
  • Post Planner takes the worry out of coming up with content
  • Are they expanding off of Facebook? A web app is coming starting with Twitter.


What can you do in the next 24 hours to take action?

Go into app on PostPlanner.com. Create your favorite pages that you want to follow. Organize those pages into a single folder.


Connect with Post Planner at:

Head here: PostPlanner.com. Under: Use it Free, Click on Sign in with Facebook.

Also, check out their AWESOME BLOG!  PostPlanner.com/Blog



27 - Social Media and Online Tools to Simplify your Time with Janet E Johnson and Lisa Saline

Social Media and Online Tools to Simplify your Time with Janet E Johnson and Lisa Saline

Listen via Podcast:

On this show Lisa and I discuss our favorite tools that simplify our marketing lives and save us time. This is a part 2 of a previous show about tools because we have so many favorites.

Facebook Tools:

#1: Heyo

Tool to build Facebook App Pages. You can use it for an email campaign, contests, about us, YouTube Channel, Pinterest Channel, Google Reviews and so much more.   Pricing: starts free for a trial and up.

#2: Post Planner

Scheduling tool for Facebook posts. You can schedule your posts, sample pre-written posts you can use, trending topics, post to multiple Facebook pages at the same time and much more offered with this tool. Pricing: Try it for free!


Google+ Tools

#1: Circloscope

Helps build your circles, who you follow and who follows you. This puts building your circles and your Google+ presence on steroids...really speeds up the process. :) Pricing: $47/year.

#2: Do Share

This is a way to schedule to your Google+ Profile. This is the only tool that we know of that can schedule your post to your PROFILE on Google+. Most schedulers can only schedule to pages.  Only downfall to this tool is that your computer must be running in order in order for the scheduled posts to go. Pricing: Do Share is FREE.


Twitter Tools:


Find really good content and put it in a repost bucket. It will be recycled for you. It has the unfollow feature, helps source the right kind of hashtag sources, helps build followers and more. Pricing: Free and Paid versions


Online Tools:

Lead Pages

Squeeze page templates that have been tested and documented to convert. It is a drag'n'drop program that integrates with your email program. It helps convert sales, build your list and so much more. Pricing: $297/year


Email campaign system for collecting emails. This also integrates with Lead Pages.


Extremely robust marketing system. There are a lot of marketing campaigns that can integrate with LeadPages.

Pricing: Set up Fee + $250 - $350/month

Do you use any of the above tools? What are your favorites? We'd love to hear your feedback!

Also, if you are a creator of a tool that you think our audience would love to hear about, please contact us so that we can review and possibly have you on our show.


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YouTube Video Marketing Tips with Jessica Brace

We interviewed Jessica all about how to use videos to grow your business! She has some amazing tips in this interview. If you are currently doing video or want to do more with video, you must listen to this interview.


Listen via Podcast:


About Jessica Brace

“YouTube Queen” Jessica Brace can transform your struggling internet presence into a client-attracting magnet in xxx minutes or less. Combining the atomic power of video marketing, with her passion for helping you feel both comfortable and courageous in front of the camera, Jessica helps you create compelling videos that can generate more for your business.
Best selling author of “Ready, Set, GO Make a Video: 101 YouTube Video Ideas for Your Business” and renowned video marketing and business coaching specialist, Jessica Brace helps your business leverage the power of video, build a stronger brand, expand your audience and become the “go-to” expert in your field.

Video is the top secret weapon of in-the-know businesses who want a profitable internet presence. Visibility is King of the Internet. That’s why Jessica believes 53 and 56 should be your favorite numbers. Video increases the chances of your website landing on the FIRST page of Google 53-fold! And, 56% of the people searching Google for what you offer clicked on the Number 1 search result. Compare that to 13% clicking on the number 2 result and you can see for yourself the power of video.

Jessica offers consulting, video coaching and video shoots to match your budget – and increase your cash flow.


What you will learn from Jessica is in this interview:

  • Focus on Gratitude over the Fear when recording your video
  • Why video works?
  • You don't have to be perfect
  • Video is just leaving a video voice mail
  • Use the questions you get asked most often, then answer the question in a video
  • If you show up as the expert will win the business
  • Searches in Google love YouTube videos - Websites just show text. Videos show a video.
  • Google/YouTube/Google+ all work together now
  • How to use keywords in your Videos to show up better
  • Local businesses have an advantage by using YouTube to show up on Google


What can you do to take action in the next 24 hours?

What are the questions you are most commonly asked in your business?  Then create videos around the answers to those questions.  Just go do it! :)


Get a free copy of the book, her new book 'Ready, Set, GO Make A Video - 101 YouTube Ideas for Your Business.' Just pay $9.95 S/H when using this special link:  Http://ReadySetGOMakeAVideo.com/smhangout

Find Jessica on YouTube: JessicaBrace.com/youtube

Looking for content ideas to post on your Social Media sites?  Then you will love our Guide!  You can Download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Creation...and it is absolutely free.

Ways to subscribe to the Social Media Hangout Time Show or Podcast:

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