37 - What to do INSTEAD of Content Curation with Carol Lynn Rivera

Background of Carol Lynn Rivera:

Carol Lynn is a writer, content creator and your go-to person for planning, strategy and ultimately getting your marketing done. As co-owner of Rahvalor Interactive and Web.Search.Social, she builds WordPress sites, manages social marketing, writes for email campaigns, blogs and websites, puts together marketing plans and manages the rest of her creative team of writers, designers and developers. She has been in the digital marketing business since 1999.

Carol Lynn loves reading, writing, sunflowers, cupcakes and being able to work with her husband and business partner, Ralph.


What we discuss:

  •  What is a good idea when it comes to content curation
  • Engagement does not always translate to sales
  • Build up a relevant audience
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Photos of behind-the-scenes
  • Pictures of your actual customers
  • Have customers take selfies
  • Have a customer-centered approach
  • Ideas for posts for the entrepreneur / small business
  • People like to see you
  • Think outside the box
  • Be yourself, even if it's outside of business
  • Reuse your content. Post more than once. Repurpose.
  • Goal of a business: generate leads and make sales
  • Build relationships through social media


Action Steps to take in the next 24 hours:

Take your smartphone. Take a picture. Take a tip out of your latest blog post and put on the image. Use this as your next social media status.


Where can we find Carol Lynn?

Website and Podcast can be found at: WebSearchSocial.com and Podcast

Find Carol Lynn Rivera on any of your favorite social media sites and connect with her.

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36 - Facebook Marketing Updates for Holidays and 2015 with Janet and Lisa

In this show we discuss the latest changes on Facebook and ideas to prepare for the upcoming holidays.

Latest Changes on Facebook:

  • Facebook moved the scheduler next to the blue post button (arrows on the button) (DEMO at 9:34)
  • Like-gate is gone as of November 5, 2014
  • Look at your apps and make sure you
  • It is not about the number of likes on your page, it is about having the right target market
  • With Facebook ads and retarget, you can get in front of the right audience
  • Heyo's blog talked about ideas to use instead of like gate (Here's the link to their blog post)
  • Remove countries on your Facebook page that are not relevant to your target market (DEMO at 9:34)
  • Facebook is about the targeted followers and the reach that happens with those targeted fans
  • Meet Janet's cat (12:48)
  • Contests

Ideas for the Holiday Season on Facebook

  • Apps like Heyo can help you with contests
  • Give away an item in your local market or that has to do with your business
  • This can be done using a Facebook app or Timeline contest
  • Get your fans on your email list
  • You can specifically target your email list with ads
  • Have fans post pictures of their fun stuff
  • Gift idea suggestions
  • Come up with bundled packages to sell during the holidays
  • People are in the buying mode during this time of year

Take advantage of Facebook ads, Facebook promotions and have a Plan!

Looking for content ideas to post on your Social Media sites?  Then you will love our Guide!  You can Download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Creation...and it is absolutely free.

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