35 - Repurpose Content for Further Exposure with Janet E Johnson


This segment is a short mini-lesson by Janet E Johnson. She will walk you through the ways to repurpose your content over and over so you can do less work. This will not only save you time and energy, but will give you different types of content to use across the different social media channels.

Remember, this is based on starting with a Google Hangout, but you could change it around any way that you'd like. You can start with a blog post and repurpose that into a video. So many different directions this can go!


What is covered in this segment:

  • Start with a Google Hangout
  • Repurpose into a short video to upload to Facebook (example I discuss was of the last show:
  • Videos are easy to clip
  • Download the sound file into a Podcast
  • Take this content and create a blog post around the video
  • Create an Image of the interview
  • Take quotes out of the interview
  • Turn the quote images or quotes into a presentation format and load to Slideshare
  • Take text quotes and use a text-only social media posts
  • Don't forget to REPURPOSE your content into multiple formats


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34 - Content Curation for Business Owners with Ralph M Rivera

Content Curation for Business Owners with Ralph M. Rivera

Who is Ralph M. Rivera?

He is the founder of Rahvalor Interactive with my wife Carol Lynn. They have a branded service offering called Web.Search.Social which provides web, search and social marketing to small businesses.

He is the CTO at Triberr and he teaches web development at Manhattan College in New York City.

NOTE: We had a little glitch at the beginning with Janet's internet going down for a couple minutes, so if you watch the video, it is unedited. We feel it makes it more real!

This is a must-watch because something that has NEVER happened before happens! Fun interview with LOTS of valuable content!

Here's what we discuss with Ralph:

  • Content curation for business sucks! ;)
  • Do you really need to publish content in a 80/20% ratio?
  • Main focus is closing business
  • Edgerank has lead to noise
  • Simple answer: Listen to your Customers. What are they talking about?
  • Look at why you don't get hired
  • End goal about social media campaign: It is about business
  • Post BETTER
  • Fine-tune content and ads. Need to be willing to adapt and change as they go!
  • Ralph revealed that Ryan Hanley is actually a puppet. ;)
  • Are you posting on platforms where your target market actually is?
  • Where are your customers? Post where they are
  • Janet froze again!
  • Dino Dogan is secretly a puppet...no human can have a goatee that good. :)

Where to find Ralph and their marketing Game Changer Kit!

Ralph and his wife, Carol Lynn just launched their show and it hit new and noteworthy for marketing. Their goal is to challenge the 'status quo'.  Subscribe and listen to their show at: websearchsocial.com/podcast

Marketing Game Changer Kit: marketinggamechangerkit.com


Action Step to take in the Next 24 Hours

Go online and go to ALL search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search for your name. Make a list of all the channels that are wrong and get those fixed.


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33 – How to use LinkedIn Publisher & Linkedin Tagging with Janet E Johnson & Lisa Saline

 What we covered in this Show:

  • Where to find the Publisher Tool (little pencil in status update)
  • Publisher is very similar to a status update
  • Difference between Publisher and Status Update
  • Publisher is more robust and it alerts your connections when you post
  • Be consistent with the Publisher
  • Can you do your blog post on LinkedIn Publisher? Repurpose content used in past
  • Think about where your audience is
  • Helps you position yourself as an authority
  • Use it to capture email addresses to build your list
  • Headlines are key!
  • Is SEO a factor when using Publisher? Incorporate keywords
  • Should you take the readers of LinkedIn to your blog? Think about what the audience wants
  • How often should you publish? Up to you, but stay consistent. Add LinkedIn Publisher as part of your content calendar
  • Also depends on how much content you create to use for this
  • Tagging is sorting contacts based on location, where you met, what they do, etc. Tag when you connect.
  • Tag your target market - specific group
  • Webinars - Tag for potential prospects
  • Use the company pages too.


Listen via Podcast:


24 Hour Action Step:

Post using LinkedIn Publisher and organize your tags on LinkedIn.


Looking for content ideas to post on your Social Media sites?  Then you will love our Guide!  You can Download the Ultimate Guide to Social Media Content Creation...and it is absolutely free.

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