33 – How to use LinkedIn Publisher & Linkedin Tagging with Janet E Johnson & Lisa Saline

 What we covered in this Show:

  • Where to find the Publisher Tool (little pencil in status update)
  • Publisher is very similar to a status update
  • Difference between Publisher and Status Update
  • Publisher is more robust and it alerts your connections when you post
  • Be consistent with the Publisher
  • Can you do your blog post on LinkedIn Publisher? Repurpose content used in past
  • Think about where your audience is
  • Helps you position yourself as an authority
  • Use it to capture email addresses to build your list
  • Headlines are key!
  • Is SEO a factor when using Publisher? Incorporate keywords
  • Should you take the readers of LinkedIn to your blog? Think about what the audience wants
  • How often should you publish? Up to you, but stay consistent. Add LinkedIn Publisher as part of your content calendar
  • Also depends on how much content you create to use for this
  • Tagging is sorting contacts based on location, where you met, what they do, etc. Tag when you connect.
  • Tag your target market - specific group
  • Webinars - Tag for potential prospects
  • Use the company pages too.


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24 Hour Action Step:

Post using LinkedIn Publisher and organize your tags on LinkedIn.


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