What we discussed:

  • Have a change of scenery in your work every now and then, it makes a difference.
  • Or maybe bring something rejuvenating in your workstation to give you a kick during the days.
  • Believe in your #selfie shirt available from TeeJohnson.com where there are a bunch of fun little ones and even create your own hashtags and shirts.
  • Networking is about what you can do for me, what I can do for you and most importantly what we can do together.
  • When doing a business, figure out what you're looking for and they become your target clients. These are the best people you are going to work with.
  • Your target partners would be the people selling to your target clients.
  • Tip# 1: Find your niche. Narrow it down to specific businesses and don't go after generic businesses. Know who you want to work with.
  • Want to be the first person that people would think of when they hear an opportunity for you.
  • It is counter intuitive if you're asking for anyone but you'd be way better asking for more specific people.
  • You're doing a disservice to yourself, your potential clients and the referrer by being broad and generic.
  • Facebook ads, when you use it, would need to know the specific target market for your specific product.
  • The trap of entrepreneurship is you're always looking at how do I make more money.
  • You create additional sales channels by giving referrals out.
  • Happy clients are the best clients.
  • Tip# 2: Find clients who will pay you on time, though you'll only gauge this as it happens.
  • Tip# 3: Find businesses where you can have more opportunities and build more.
  • Membership programs are good for creating the residual.
  • The ask is something concise, specific, to the point and thrives at the heart of the matter.
  • The main purpose of asking is to allow for the right people to show up.
  • Basic content of the ask: It contains your name, your business name, your business category and then who's the one person or one company or one idea that if someone in the room could connect to you right now will absolutely make your week.

Action steps:

  • Create your ask to be around 15- 20 seconds and practice that in a video.
  • When you've created your ask video, put this in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Figure out 3 to 5 people who you absolutely need to meet to grow your business and start incorporating that into your ask.
  • If you have't joined us on Facebook, you may at Business Growth Time.
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