29 - How Relationships affect your Business Online and Offline with Gary Loper

Who is Gary Loper?

Gary Loper is a recognized Twitter expert, mindset coach, motivational speaker, trainer, former talk radio host, life and business coach, and highly respected entrepreneur, helping people master the business of life by Building Better Relationships.

In addition, Gary’s strong background in marketing and sales, and his 30+ years of superior customer service and 15 years of direct sales adds more depth to who he is. He teaches his audience strategies and tactics on how to become successful, to produce and maintain positive solutions, to stay in a positive mindset, and attract and manifest true wealth. He empowers people to discover their hidden assets, develop confidence and create better relationships with themselves first, before creating life and business relationships.

With 160,000+ followers on Twitter he has built a huge following based on adding value to people’s lives, sharing his knowledge, beliefs and philosophies in his messages. He has incorporated into his platform ‘Just for Today’ messages, inspirational messages that have helped people renew their hope.

What’s more, Gary has worked with some of the top coaches in the world including Bob Burg, Loral Langemeier and Eric Lofholm. He is platinum certified with the Eric Lofholm Selling System, and a certified Go-Giver Coach through Bob Burg International, and a certified ‘YES! Energy Coach’ through Live Out Loud. Studying from some of the top teachers in coaching, business and financial development, he now has a deep well of tools to assist entrepreneurs to create an abundant business as well as becoming an even better person for themselves, their family, partners, and all the lives they may touch.


What did we cover with Gary in this interview?

  • Relationships affect our entire world - work on ourselves first
  • People are going to do business with people we know, like and trust
  • What differentiates me from everybody else? Consumers are looking for a connection
  • How Gary got started on Twitter
  • Talk to people vs broadcasting on Twitter and social media
  • Let others you'd like to connect with know you exist - get to know each other
  • Don't ask for marriage on the first date
  • It's not B2B or BtoC...it's P2P... People to People - It's about building connections
  • How can I serve you? How can I help you first?
  • Blend the leverage of technology - schedule/automate some things
  • Create lists on Twitter to follow conversations that you want to add to the conversation
  • Write posts that answer other's questions and solve their problems

Action Step to take in the next 24 hours:

Twitter Profile - Most valuable real estate on Twitter. Current picture/headshot of you smiling. 160 characters in profile. These words should be your keywords that people are searching for. These are indexed on Google/Bing/Twitter search. Take out the non-usable words. Jam it full of action words.


How can you get in touch with Gary?


He is the author of 3 eBooks: Master the TwitterverseGuide to Getting More Followers, and 37 Keys to Building Better Networking Relationships and 20 Secrets to Building Better Love Relationships.


Bring Gary to your conference, speaking engagements, organizations, networking or meet up groups, chambers, or invite him to speak on your BLOG Talk Radio. Schedule Gary to speak at your next event. Or, call 727.374.7652 or email him: Gary@GaryLoper.com.



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