What we discussed:

  • Tip# 1: A buy-right away app you can use on Instagram for $1.99 called the Legend App. This let's you take an image and put in texts for animation.
  • Tip# 2: Stay consistent with all that you're doing, specially in marketing.
  • Tip# 3: One of the best ways to build rapport is to listen first. Honor the people we're communicating with and let them speak first.
  • Hitting Like is the lazy way of interacting online, still it's interaction.
  • Facebook has the reply feature both on profile and pages.
  • Tip# 4: A good way to build rapport is find a common ground. Find things that you both share as an experience.
  • The concept of RelateVertising is finding a common ground, where it is the core of being able to relate with the people you want to.
  • Tip# 5: Ask the right questions.
  • Tip# 6: Be respectful of time, not just theirs but yours, too.
  • Tip# 7: If you're in a conversation whether it's online or real world, actually be part of it, the idea of being present.

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