What we discussed:

  • Used Marcus Sheridan's Facebook page with demos showing what to do right. Company name is River Valley Pool Spas.
  • Marcus talked about confronting the fears of what we put out on our website - price, competitors, taking negative side of things and turned it into positive and confronted it. They blogged about problems vs. postive and drove traffic to the website.
  • Address the fears that people don't need to hear but has to.
  • Cost, problems, versus, reviews and the best are the big 5, according to Marcus Sheridan, to think about when blogging; talk about the "elephant in the room."
  • Show, don't tell.
  • Value of third-party testimonials is huge.
  • Do a Periscope when sitting with a client and have a testimonial of what they learned.
  • Honest and transparent contents are the greatest sales and trust building tools in the world.
  • Live streaming pieces can't be messed with - pure transparency and authenticity.
  • Look at your website and social networks and see how you are showing people the world through your website.
  • People buy the person that's selling a product or service to them.
  • Facebook ads were discussed by Bob Jenkins from LeadPages.
  • Remarketing / retargeting by using pixel; develop a Facebook audience in the Facebook ad, put a code (pixel) on your website and it tracks the people visiting your website.
  • People purchase more on warm traffic.
  • Carousel ads are mulitple pictures telling a story used on warm traffic for remarketing. Single pictures are used for the cold traffic.
  • You can target people that have been in your area, geography-wise, as it is trackable on mobile.
  • Twitter chat was discussed by Adam Duns.
  • Two most important thing on LinkedIn:
    • Ability to find the people that you need to find.
    • Making sure that the people that need to find you can by having an excellent written profile.
  • Joanne Funch talked about LinkedIn social selling as using social networks to do research, to be relevant, to build relationships that drive revenue, quoted from Jill Rowley.
  • Networking is leveraging the relationships you have to create the relationships you need.

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