What we discussed:


  • Gives you option to follow people instantly those you've connected on Twitter.
  • Interaction and feedback is instant like on a web chat.
  • You probably need to be careful of who you are following because all of those alerts can go crazy.
  • When you hope on, make sure you're giving value.
  • Sign up on Periscope, watch some Periscopes and learn how it works.
  • Q: How do I send hearts? A: Just tap on your phone screen.
  • You can tap up to 500 hearts.
  • Kim Garst, a social media guru, has created an actual course on Periscope.
  • You can give hearts as the viewer.

Facebook Updates

  • There is a new feed control on Facebook news feeds.
  •  When you click on the Like button of a page, you have drop-down so you could get notifications. This way you will be alerted whenever they have a post.
  • Another feature added is the See first. By this they're going to showing up in the news feed if you add them to See first. They're going to show up higher on the news feed than the other stuff.
  • See First is good news from a brand's perspective but may not be for the average consumers who may still prefer fuzzy cats, hairy dogs, the cute stuff, etc.
  • You can't run an ad through a personal profile anymore thus pages is available for brands or businesses.
  • When running ads on your page, you got to have a strategy behind. If you're going to spend money, you want to have a reason to spend the money.


  • Tedx Detroit on October 8 at the Fox Theater.
  • Go to http://www.ted.com/ to watch previous talks.


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